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Incubator IN and IF with SingleDISPLAY
Incubator INplus and IFplus with TwinDISPLAY
Natural convection or forced air circulation
AtmoCONTROL software

Model sizes: 30 / 55 / 75 / 110 / 160 / 260 / 450 / 750 +30 °C to +80 °C

As little air circulation as possible in the incubator

Forced air convection may destroy the protective layer from moist air that is generated during incubation over the samples. This would lead to dehydration of the culture. In a Memmert incubator, the perfect combination of all-round surface heating and temperature control system ensures that incubation generally takes place without forced air circulation. Provided the chamber is fully loaded and forced air circulation is required, it can be precisely adjusted in 10% steps from 0 to 100 %.

The chamber of the incubators INplus and IFplus, including all installations and sensors can be sterilised at +160 °C in a 4-hour programme to guarantee optimum hygiene.

Fresh air is preheated
Temperature deviations caused by fresh air can influence sample characteristics or prolong drying. In Memmert incubators, the fresh air is therefore fed through a pre-heating chamber and seamlessly introduced into the working chamber.

Standard equipment
Interior: Stainless steel, material 1.4301 (ASTM 304) with all-round deep-drawn ribs to integrate the large-area heating with ceramic-metal sheath
Internals: Stainless steel grids (size 30 and 55: 1, size 75 to 750: 2)
Housing: Textured stainless steel, rear zinc-plated steel, intuitively operated SingleDISPLAY or TwinDISPLAY with Multi-Touchscreen; fully insulated stainless steel door (from size 450 two leaves )
Fresh air: Admixture of pre-heated fresh air by electronically adjusted airflap
Connection: Mains cable with plug
Installation: 4 feet; size 450 and 750 on lockable castors
Interfaces: Ethernet, USB (only TwinDISPLAY)

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