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LPKF ProtoLaser S

LPKF ProtoLaser S

Laser Structuring of Prototype PCBs and Small Series

The LPKF ProtoLaser S laser system structures complete PCBs in minutes - with a layout area of approximately 229 x 305 x 10 mm (9" x 12" x 0.4"). The huge time savings mean that different layouts can be tested quickly and simply. Prototypes and small production batches can also be produced on short notice if required. The system requires no chemicals and is easy to operate.

The LPKF ProtoLaser S is even more precise than the mechanical systems and is therefore ideal for HF and microwave circuits, as well as digital and analog circuits. It produces precise geometries on a whole range of substrates such as copper-clad FR4, aluminum-coated PET films, ceramics, Duroid and PTFE.

Alignment for two-sided prototypes increases tremendously with the fiducial recognition camera. This camera allows the LPKF ProtoLaser S to visually inspect and properly align the workpiece.

For drilling through-holes in printed circuit boards, an LPKF ProtoMat is a perfect complement to a LPKF ProtoLaser S.

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