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LPKF Through-Hole Plating Consumables

<b>LPKF Through-Hole Plating Consumables</b>

For use in the LPKF through-hole plating systems, LPKF supply high-quality materials and chemicals for you in different sets.

For LPKF EasyContac you receive the required tools and suitable rivets.

In order to work with the ProConduct system LPKF provides paste, protection films and other necessary items.

The galvanic systems LPKF MiniContac RS and LPKF Contac RS suitably contain the required high quality chemistry sets, one on the other adjusted components for production of first-class plated-through holes. The through-hole plating systems use a carbon base technology (black hole technology). The chemical tinning option is optimal for soldering of through-plated PCBs and for the protection from oxidation.

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